Remote Key Pad

The Yale Key Pad is wireless and easy to pair with your Yale Home Alarm System*, allowing you to extend you system to tailor it to your individual needs.

This accessory can be used to arm, disarm or emergency trigger your alarm system. The disarming function is protected by the users PIN code for use when entering the property. More than one Key Pad can be used with the alarm system, so multiple Key Pads can be fitted throughout the property (e.g. front door, back door, upstairs).

*Compatible with Yale SR- Smart Home Alarm Systems and EF- Series Alarms.


  • Mobile
  • Full Arm, Home Arm
  • Code feature allows the system to be disarmed when the system has been  breached
  • Activate panic by pressing both emergency buttons simultaneously
  • Activate duress (via code)
  • Includes wall mount bracket