Pet Friendly PIR Motion Detector

The Yale Pet PIR Motion Detector is wireless and easy to pair with your Yale Home Alarm System*, allowing you to extend you system to tailor it to your individual needs.

This Pet friendly accessory will activate the alarm when larger motion (25kg and above) is detected. Ideal for homes with one small pet (less than 25kg). Please note that when used with larger pets there is an increased possibility of false alarms. In these scenarios use a Door/Window Contact to protect the area instead.

*Compatible with Yale SR- Smart Home Alarm Systems and EF- Series Alarms.


  • Ideally mounted in the corner of any room
  • When the alarm is armed, the infrared sensor will pick up movement and activate the siren
  • Detection range: 110° and 12m when placed 2m above the ground


  • Pet-friendly up to 20kg
  • Tilt tamper
  • Spring tamper
  • Sleep mode for battery saving
  • For internal use only
Easy Fit Pet PIR
Easy Fit Pet PIR x 3